“Life-changing Experience Working with Scott”

“Fast Trauma Relief – Mother of D1 Softball Player.”

“Set Team Record after Working with Scott.”

“After my first session with Scott, I set a PR by dropping half a second! I was ecstatic and began practicing the Champion Playbook techniques consistently each day. After my second session, I dropped another full second and set a new PR I never thought I was capable of reaching. I am now making these tools a regular habit of my everyday life so I can reach my athletic goals. I highly recommend Scott and his guidance so you can reach your fullest potential too!”

– Happy D-1 Swimmer

“Any hesitation I had about working with a man or someone that specialized in athletics (which is not the area of support I was seeking) quickly vanished in the first few minutes of conversation. Scott was genuine and empathetic as I sought to make changes in myself. Scott is a phenomenal practitioner of Energy Psychology techniques and I look forward to continuing working with him!”

– Dr. Joylyn Sparkles

“One of my pitchers had been suffering with the YIPs for two years. This top performer had lost his control, velocity and starting spot in the rotation. After one zoom call session with Scott…Poof! Velocity jumped from 88 back to 95 and nearly all the pitches were around the plate. Every player and coach should consider the new solutions Coach Fox has brought into the sports world. Thank you, Scott!”

– Jimmy Jackson | James Madison University Pitching Coach

“Scott Fox is the ULTIMATE sports peak performance coach! His expertise, tools and care has been a vital piece in the development of our program. Our coaches and student-athletes had the opportunity to enhance our mental processing. If baseball is said to be 70 percent mental how do we not exercise and train the brain consistently. The biggest stand out through the process was how Scott customized our process based off of our specific needs. Most mental templates are designed in a cookie cutter fashion. I highly recommend coach Fox to any organization as it opens up the mind to help reach your physical peak performance.”

– Reginald Hollins, Head Baseball Coach | Tuskegee University

“Through my first few weeks with the Champion Playbook program, I gained a solid understanding of how to overcome the feelings that were holding me back. By understanding and interpreting my most negative feelings, I feel as though nothing stands in the way between me and my biggest goals. I hit my first home run after starting Champion Playbook.”

– Happy High School player that went on to play in college

“I just want to relay to you the event’s of my son’s game. It was outstanding all the way around. This was a 180 turnaround from all his games this season. I cannot thank you enough. It really was the mental game that had been beating him.”

– Happy Mother


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