Champion Playbook is a cutting-edge blueprint for elite high school ballplayers trying to get to the Next Level of play. Players take a step by step approach through powerful new techniques not taught in the conventional baseball world and therefore gain a huge competitive advantage.

After the first session with Coach Fox’s program, I was immediately able to settle my mind and emotions. I went from a .200 hitting freshman to leading the team in multiple offensive categories my sophomore year.

Happy D-1 player

“Through my first few weeks with the program, I have gained a solid understanding on how to overcome the feelings that are holding me back. By understanding and interpreting my most negative feelings, I feel as though nothing stands in the way between me and my biggest goals. I hit my first homerun on a high school field shortly after starting Champion Playbook!"

BG, high school player looking to play in college

"I just wanted to relay the events of tonight's game. It was outstanding all the way around. I saw my son "tapping" in the dugout before he pitched. He had four up and three down and only had to throw 13 pitches, the lowest total of any pitcher for either team! He later went two for four including a homerun. It was a 180 degree turnaround from all his games this season. I cannot thank you enough. It was really the mental game that was beating him. I pray that he appreciates what he learned and keeps it up!"

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About The Champion Playbook

The Champion Playbook enables the players to harness the enormous but often under-utilized power of their mind and bodies.

Serious-minded clients of Champion Playbook play better, enjoy the game more, and extend their time playing the game they love. They are more prepared than the competition.

Champion Playbook clients learn to harness their untapped mental and emotional power to create the performance and stats that the next-level scouts want to see.

Playing ball without training the mind is like jumping onto the field without weight training, batting practice, or taking a test in school without studying!

Coach Scott Fox created this program in 2019 after 10 years of researching and successfully implementing the best secrets of scientists and leading mind-body experts around the world.

Over the past ten years his clients have used these techniques to quickly play like champions, get out of slumps, and learn that confidence and consistency can be theirs regardless of the situation.

Champion Playbook consists of six modules. Each has pre-recorded videos, live teleconferences with CEO / Founder Scott Fox, and home-study performance-acceleration files.


This program is a highly curated collection of the most powerful mental and emotional strategy methods used around the world. Founder and CEO, Coach Scott Fox, has made them into a step by step program that is powerful and easy to learn.

– Wouldn’t it be great to walk onto the field prepared and in command of how you feel?

– Wouldn’t it be great knowing that you’ve maximized your chance of playing like a champion?

– Wouldn’t it be great to give your player a competitive edge like this?

Coach Fox

It was 10 years ago when Scott first used a carefully assembled collection of cutting-edge techniques to quickly help a young ballplayer go from hopelessly struggling to playing better than ever. It happened in a matter of minutes and was a revelation; more young athletes could be helped in ways that were life-enhancing.

It led Scott to create Coach Scott Fox, LLC, a business that helps elite and aspiring young baseball players get great game results, improve their chances of making it to the Next Level, and give them amazing tools to use in their lives off the field. Scott has helped scores of athletes play better, feel better, and open them up to a new deeper view of themselves.

After many years of helping high school and college athletes play great by quickly overcoming mental and emotional blocks, Scott created Champion Playbook in 2019. With that program, his clients now can get even deeper into their ability to create great play with confidence and consistency.

Scott knows what is like to be an elite player trying to make it to the highest ranks. He went to Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria, VA where he earned first team All-Met honors. Later has played at Brown University where he was two-time team captain.


Interview with the American Baseball Coaches Association

Scott is a married father of two in Alexandria, VA. He has enjoyed the past 30 years coaching and training athletes in all aspects of their game including mental, physical, and game skills. He presently is the CEO and Founder of Champion Playbook as well as the Director of Baseball at Dynamic Sport Performance in Alexandria, Virginia.

Scott holds certifications in Emotional Freedom Techniques, pitching biomechanics, and kettlebell instruction.

Speaking engagements on can be booked upon request. Topics can include peak performance, stress reduction for the young athlete, youth sports as platform for teaching life skills, trauma relief for young athletes, holistic training of student athletes, and more.