Scott Fox

The world loves to see great athletes.

I love to see athletes feel great and achieve their dreams without sacrificing their mental health, career longevity, or getting injured due to over-training.

I’ve been the athlete, the coach, and the parent.

The Athlete

I was a competitive college D-1 player who couldn’t figure out how to get out of performance slumps or create the consistency needed to get to the next level.

I tried working harder, taking more time in the weight room, and doing a lot of hoping that I was doing the right things. All that extra work resulted in irreparable damage to my body and unfulfilled dreams.

I know what it’s like to want to perform to my potential and search for solutions only to be disappointed by well-meaning coaches.

I know deeply that physical skills alone won’t cut it. I also know that creating the best version of ourselves can be much easier than most people in the game know.

The Coach

I know what it’s like to be the coach seeing players struggle with the same things I did and not knowing how to help them. Without new solutions, coaches rely on what we were given as players: pep talks, discipline, and physical training.

After coaching athletes ages 9-21 for 40 years, I’ve learned that traditional methods aren’t as effective as we’d like them to be.

My coaching started as a teen when I was the assistant coach to my father, who also loved to coach. I continued to coach football, soccer, and baseball alongside my father during my offseason in college and then kept coaching thereafter. Later, I trained athletes as a kettlebell instructor at a local sport performance studio where I was the director of baseball.

Through this, I discovered that today’s players need and deserve new technologies and techniques that are rooted in science and have been proven to work quickly.

That’s what I now deliver to players and coaches.

Over the past 12-plus years, I have worked with athletes using the new leading-edge methods in which I am certified and continue to study. It’s night and day! I will never go back to trying to use old-school outdated techniques like well-intended words and a pat on the back to solve a performance problem!

You shouldn’t have to use techniques that don’t quickly and deeply help your players and staff. I’ve got new solutions that will give you a competitive edge and a much deeper satisfaction.

The Parent

I’ve also been the parent, watching my two athletic children struggle with the same dilemmas only to be met with the same advice I was given decades earlier:

“Push yourself hard. When you train harder, you’ll play better.”

If that advice worked, then athletes would easily overcome slumps in their performance.hey wouldn’t buckle under the pressure, and they would love the game a lot more.

As a parent, the tools in my Champion Playbook signature program become a means of  addressing sport performance like no other. It’s a gateway to the sort of high-level personal growth that every caring parent wants to give their children.

The Champion Playbook is a parent’s means of using the desire to play great in sports to bring their child to a place where they start to think about how to develop and create their personal vision of a great life.

The Solution

I created a proprietary and highly-effective process that I use with athletes and their coaches so they can:

  • Play better
  • Win more
  • Excel without placing unreasonable demands on their body or their mental health
  • Live a more joy-filled life
  • Have tools to identify and removemental blocks in every area of their life
  • Decrease stress and lack of enjoyment in sport and life.

My mission is to bring these tools to athletes, parents, coaches, and universities.

Overall, I bring 40 years of coaching experience to my clients, which includes:


  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (“EFT”)
  • Energy Psychology
  • Process Healing Method (will be certified in Spring 2022)

Other Skills:

  • HKC Kettlebell
  • Biomechanics of Pitching

I’ll continue studying as it’s essential to be at the forefront of cutting-edge tools to help my clients. Sharing these tools with young people and their mentors is my passion.


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