Better performance. More enjoyment. Mental wellness. Access to so much more in life.

This is what my athletes tell me they experience after working with me.

When I work with athletes, their reaction is often one of surprise because they didn’t realize how easy it could be to improve their game without over-training or putting unnecessary pressure on themselves, which never leads to success.

Through our work together, athletes have effective and easy tools at their fingertips. They didn’t even know the tools existed until now.

Individual athletes typically start with my Signature Champion Playbook program where we work together over the course of six modules to clear the unwanted mental clutter and learn the building blocks of how to bring their dreams into reality.

When we’re complete, you can come back for fine-tuning if you need it and you leave with the tools that you can use anytime for the rest of your life.

“Through my first few weeks with the Champion Playbook program, I gained a solid understanding of how to overcome the feelings that were holding me back. By understanding and interpreting my most negative feelings, I feel as though nothing stands in the way between me and my biggest goals. I hit my first home run after starting Champion Playbook.”

– Happy High School player that went on to play in college

Are you ready?

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The Experience:

From being a high school and collegiate athlete, to being a coach, and a parent of two athletes, I’ve been where you are and I’m here to help. To learn more about my 20-year experience, go here.




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