Seeing your child excel in their game is a joy unlike anything else right?

But when your child is struggling in the game or emotionally, it’s difficult to watch and frustrating for your child.

Whether your child is aiming to achieve peak performance in their sport, they are in a slump and can’t figure out why, they have behavior issues, or the pressure of performing or other life events has taken a toll on their mental health, it’s hard to know how to help.

In many cases, parents aren’t given or aren’t aware of a lot of options. They may default to  telling their child to “just push through it.” Or you may seek solutions used by peers that may not really work, without realizing the compounding negative effects that will have.

When working with your athlete, we typically start with my signature Champion Playbook package, which includes six modules including live video sessions with me.

What if you could turn things around for your child with world-class tools that they can also leverage for the rest of their life, including achieving their athletic goals?

“I just want to relay to you the event’s of my son’s game. It was outstanding all the way around. This was a 180 turnaround from all his games this season. I cannot thank you enough. It really was the mental game that had been beating him.”

– Happy Mother

Are you ready?

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The Experience:

From being a high school and collegiate athlete, to being a coach, and a parent of two athletes, I’ve been where you are and I’m here to help. To learn more about my 20-year experience, go here.




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