Where the real training begins.

Athletic training isn’t what you think – it’s not working harder and focusing most of your time on the physical skills. It’s also not traditional sports psychology, having “grit” or willpower.

At The Champion Playbook, athletes learn proprietary and highly effective tools to remove the blocks in the way of achieving their desired level of outstanding performance – without pushing the athlete to the brink of injury, wasting time, or negatively impacting their mental health.

Athletes deserve better solutions.

Traditional training and sports psychology aren’t working and it’s time for resources and tools that actually do.

The solutions have been to train harder and practice more and if it were that easy, then athletes’ mental health wouldn’t be struggling, they would be happier and enjoying their game more, and they would be performing better – not to mention having fewer injuries.

Athletes who work with me are commonly in one of three places:

  • They are struggling and may even be traumatized from life events or lack of performance.
  • They are in a slump and not sure how to quickly get out of it.
  • They are doing pretty well and want to do even better without hurting their mental health or injuring themselves.

What they all have in common is they have the ability to harness the power of their mind, beliefs, and emotions to propel their performance if they just had the right tools. I give them those tools.

From one athlete, coach, and parent to another, let’s do this together.

In college, I had “a million-dollar swing and a ten-cent head” and my coach had no idea how to help me. We were both frustrated and searching for solutions. None existed.

I also had experiences where I was “in the zone” but had no idea how I got there and how to deliberately create it. That meant it would never last and I’d desperately attempt to physically train my way back into it. Through the process, I caused irreparable harm to my body and became frustrated

When I coached athletes, we could only get their physical game to the point that their mental game would allow. More physical training couldn’t change that. The solution had to go deeper and address the root issues.

It wasn’t until years later after studying the best secrets of scientists and leading mind-body experts around the world, I realized what it took to perform better and heal the blocks in the way of someone excelling.

I have taken the best tools and added the components that athletes need and developed my proprietary system, The Champion Playbook, to help athletes thrive from the inside out. Learn more about me here.

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  • "I just wanted to relay the events of tonight's game. It was outstanding all the way around. I saw my son "tapping" in the dugout before he pitched. He had four up and three down and only had to throw 13 pitches, the lowest total of any pitcher for either team! He later went two for four including a homerun. It was a 180 degree turnaround from all his games this season. I cannot thank you enough. It was really the mental game that was beating him. I pray that he appreciates what he learned and keeps it up!"

    Happy Parent
  • “Through my first few weeks with the program, I have gained a solid understanding on how to overcome the feelings that are holding me back. By understanding and interpreting my most negative feelings, I feel as though nothing stands in the way between me and my biggest goals. I hit my first homerun on a high school field shortly after starting Champion Playbook!"

    BG High school player looking to play in college
  • "After the first session with Coach Fox’s program, I was immediately able to settle my mind and emotions. I went from a .200 hitting freshman to leading the team in multiple offensive categories my sophomore year."

    Happy D-1 player
  • Scott Fox is the ULTIMATE sports peak performance coach! His expertise, tools and care has been a vital piece in the development of our program. Our coaches and student-athletes had the opportunity to enhance our mental processing. If baseball is said to be 70 percent mental how do we not exercise and train the brain consistently. The biggest stand out through the process was how Scott customized our process based off of our specific needs. Most mental templates are designed in a cookie cutter fashion. I highly recommend coach Fox to any organization as it opens up the mind to help reach your physical peak performance.

    Reginald Hollins Head Baseball Coach | Tuskegee University
  • “One of my pitchers had been suffering with the YIPs for two years. This top performer had lost his control, velocity and starting spot in the rotation. After one zoom call session with Scott…Poof! Velocity jumped from 88 back to 95 and nearly all the pitches were around the plate. Every player and coach should consider the new solutions Coach Fox has brought into the sports world. Thank you, Scott!”

    Jimmy Jackson James Madison University Pitching Coach


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